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Current Projects and Finished Projects


1940 / 1950 Record Player

This is a 1940s /1950s Record player. Customer brought to us as a second job to refurbish. We had previously refurbished the customers Sony 1960s stereo system. This item would not power on or light up. Table was seized and no movement. This is a old valve record multi vinyl record player

It took us a very long time to get working and fully serviced. When we showed the customer the final results they were over the moon with it.

Sony Playstation 5

Customer brought in this PS5 for no display. We looked at the port and could not see it. When we opened it up we found this. HDMI port had been damaged and multiple track had been ripped of the board. We replaced the missing tracks and new HDMI port. All fully working a very happy kid when he got it back.


Hard Drive Recovery

A nightmare of a job. One of our business customers was in desperate need of there data off a non working hard drive. We managed to clean up all the corrosion, replace a few capacitors and resistors. We had a fully working drive and managed to recover all there data. There business is up and working like normal.

Laptop Not Turning On

This is laptop came in for no power. We tested everything and found that the motherboard had a short. After a bit of trouble shooting with the meter and thermal camera we found the issue. One of the power MOSFETs was faulty. Once we found the part and replace the laptop was up and running. All for a fraction of the cost of a new machine and hours of re setting up.

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